Window cleaning is a service that has existed for almost as long as windows have existed, without it, people can be putting themselves at risk trying to clean windows themselves. Aside from being a potentially lucrative service, it allows people to have a little more pride in their homes, and have an unobscured view of their surroundings.

That’s why, in this guide, we will be providing all you need to know when it comes to mastering the art of window cleaning: Techniques and tools.

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Window Cleaning – The Ins and Outs

As long as windows existed, there has been window cleaning. Whether it was done individually or as a service, its importance has never been understated. So why exactly do people want clean windows? Here are a few reasons…

  • Dirty windows can make any building look uncared for. If a building that houses a business has dirty windows, it can present an unprofessional impression.
  • Dirty windows prevent occupants from looking outside clearly, and people from the outside from looking in. The latter can be an issue for businesses that advertise their products behind a window.
  • A severely dirty window can allow dirt and grime into the building if it is left open in harsh weather.
  • Dirty windows can reduce the amount of natural light entering a building.

Mastering the Art of Window Cleaning: Techniques & Tools

Window cleaning may look like a simple task but practically, it is not an easy task that everyone can do. Window cleaning takes place on properties like bungalows, all the way to skyscrapers, government buildings, mansions, and regular 2-3 storey houses.

Over the years of experience cultivated by window cleaning, efficient techniques have come into play that allow for a quicker job to take place, with no reduction in the quality of the cleaned window.

Some methods are quite simple, that any beginner can try when cleaning their windows, whilst others are for those with a little more experience. Below, we’re going to share some simple window-cleaning techniques that could help you.

Please note that some techniques may not be applicable in every window cleaning situation, such as dealing with commercial properties, use the techniques appropriately.

Window cleaning techniques

Begin with brushing or dry wiping window frames

Depending on the amount of dirt on a window frame, there is likely going to be dirt that isn’t ‘stuck’ to it yet, if you begin by wiping or brushing the window frame, you can remove any loose dirt. As a result, it won’t get in the way and can be the difference in saving time with a window clean.

Adaptability with cleaning solutions

Some people believe that an equal amount of cleaning solution should be used for every individual window, the fact is, it’s subjective. It’s subjective because from building to building, floor to floor, and area to area, windows can have varying levels of mess on them.

You should use the amount of cleaning solution that is relevant to the area at hand. The more dirt there is, the more it would need. Using too little will result in streaks on the window, from leftover dirt that wasn’t captured by the cleaning solution due to too little being applied.

Simple Strokes with a Squeegee

Squeegees are the go-to tool for some window cleaners, they can be extremely helpful if the technique is correct. If your technique is wrong, you can end up leaving marks on the window. The technique for using a squeegee is simple, go down. Simply wipe away by going directly down with the squeegee.

Window cleaning tools

Streamline Ova8 17ft to 60ft

The Streamline Ova8 (17ft to 60ft) is a carbon fibre telescope pole which is ideal for cleaning high windows. Available in operational sizes from 17 to 60 feet, there are a range of options available for you depending on your needs, and the needs of your clients.

This model has been designed to mitigate pole stress. As a result, it was designed with an anti-rotational oval-shaped pole, which means stiffness, which is critical for the safety of the operator and the windows being cleaned. It prevents the problems of the pole unintentionally spinning, or any erratic movements that generally can occur when cleaning tall windows with elongated equipment.

This model was also designed with hand ergonomics in mind. It features two flat sides that allow the handle to sit comfortably in the operator’s hand and prevent the general pains that come with operating a regular pole. The design is so successful that it requires less grip than normal to control the pole.

As mentioned previously, the OVA-8 comes in a variety of sizes, naturally, the length you opt for will determine the price. Click here to view the product and its variations. The OVA-8 also has a 5-section model you can view here.

Streamline OVA8 Streamflo Trolley Package 50L

Having a steady independent source of water is vital in ensuring that your window cleaning jobs are completed in one go. So with that in mind, having a portable source of water that is easy to manoeuvre, and has a large capacity can be a game changer.

This is where the streamline OVA8 Streamflo Trolley Package 50L comes in. It provides a whopping 50 litres of water which needs no special preparation, simply pouring in tap water is enough to get the most out of this trolley.

Perfect for any commercial cleaner or window cleaner, here are the features that this trolley package comes with…

  • 2x 25 litre containers (approx. use – 25 litres of water per house).
  • Powerful 100psi diaphragm pump.
  • Streamline® Flow Controller to maximise flow and save wasting water.
  • Rechargeable gel battery with intelligent battery charger for efficient recharging (it is recommended that you charge the battery each night, however, the battery may last 2-3 days, depending on usage).
  • Compact design, with collapsible handles for storing in confined spaces.
  • Lightweight frame with handle mounted on the front plate, for easy lifting and handling.
  • Low profile flat-free tyres, for rough terrain.
  • DI filtration (optional extra – see part codes below) for fast pure water production.
  • The filter cartridge system allows for fast and easy filter changes.
  • TDS hand-held meter for accurate water quality checks (DI version only).
  • Stainless outlet connector with stop valve to save water when disconnected.

For more information on this product, simply follow this link. Additionally, this is also available as a 25-litre capacity model, if you prefer that option, you can click this link.

Streamline Stream VAC 70L Gutter Cleaning System

For any window cleaner, or commercial cleaner who also provides the services of cleaning gutters, the Streamline Stream VAC 70L Gutter Cleaning System is a viable solution that ensures efficient cleaning with little to no effort required.

Gutters are cleaned to allow roof drainage to flow correctly. This is critical in preventing a stagnant build-up of water on the roof and gutters. This can result in two issues, one issue being a large quantity of water falling on or beside the building, which can affect bystanders walking past.

The second issue is much more severe, having clogged drains can result in water leaking into the inside of the building, which can then facilitate mould build-up. Mould itself hosts a large variety of issues, not only for the building it affects but for the occupants too.

So with that in mind, how exactly does the Streamline Stream VAC 70L Gutter Cleaning System make it easy to clean gutters? Well, it comes with the following equipment to facilitate efficient gutter cleaning at any level.

  • 1 x 70ltr Streamvac™ Gutter Cleaning Vacuum 230V
  • 6 x 6ft Ultralite Modular Carbon Fibre Poles design to have the ‘funnel effect’
  • 1 x 3ft Ultralite Modular Carbon Fibre Poles design to have the ‘funnel effect’
  • 7.5mtr Vaclineª Crushproof Hose with rubber cuffs
  • 1x Lightweight Aluminium Gutter Attachment
  • Alumium Gulper & Crevice Tools

To view the full product information, simply click this link.

Where to Buy the Best Window Cleaning Tools

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