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Available as a Concentrate or Ready to use in 5L size, Moss-Shield the amazing new product from Cleaning Solutions UK is a powerful hard surface treatment for all types of Moss, Algae, Lichen and Black Spot.

This product will effectively kill all of the above and is specifically formulated to prevent regrowth for up to 3 years


Concentrate, Ready-to-use

1 review for Moss-Shield

  1. Steven Seldon (Beckery Cleaning Services)

    I have used Moss-Shield plus in a commercial setting where moss had taken hold onto a tarmac carpark. I applied it when the carpack was totally dry and made sure the next few days where going to be dry and the results were great. It took around 5 days to kill the moss which turned into small brown bits which was easy to brush away. Highly recommended.

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