School Deep Cleaning

Keeping schools and other educational settings in sparking conditions is essential for maintaining the wellbeing of students and staff. Healthy environments are directly linked to the experience that pupils will receive, which is why considering effective cleaning solutions is vital. In fact, 78% of students say that cleanliness impacts their educational experiences. If an environment is not clean, it can lead to issues such as negative experiences, irritation of allergies, and an increase in illnesses. 

How can you keep cleanliness standards high in an educational environment? Use industrial cleaning equipment from Cleaning Solutions UK!

Whether you need access to temporary solutions or more regular equipment, our wide collection covers any required items.

What Cleaning Solutions Do We Offer Schools And Other Educational Establishments?

From daily tasks to less-regular cleaning duties, our equipment allows those tasked with keeping a school clean to do so successfully. Our solutions are easy to use, safe for high-traffic environments and of industrial strength to ensure quality performance every time. We also have a range of products suitable for leasing or purchasing meaning a solution can be found for any budget.

Floor Cleaning Solutions

There is nothing worse than a spill, leak or embedded dirt leaving conditions dangerous underfoot. Our floor cleaning equipment keeps flooring looking great for longer meaning less money needs to be spent on repair jobs.

Carpet Machines

Powerful cleaning tools that agitate dirt in carpets to leave them fresh and clean. Our industrial solutions are perfect for different carpet thicknesses plus varying sizes of rooms.

Floor Scrubbers

Ideal for high-traffic walkways, our floor scrubbers use high-powered systems to treat areas using eco-friendly solutions. They are also intended to be used extensively making them a brilliant investment for long-term cleaning needs.

Hard Floor Cleaning Machines

Replacing hard flooring is costly especially when dealing with natural materials. To keep them from dulling over time, our hard floor cleaning machines offer quality cleaning. This ensures flooring is kept in great condition plus any marks are removed.

Spotting Machines

Being able to quickly clean any marks or dirt is essential within educational settings for preserving student safety. These spotting machines clean small areas rapidly leaving them fresh and dry.

Exterior Maintenance

Deep cleaning a school setting is about more than just the interior. Outside spaces must also be kept in pristine condition. Our industrial cleaning equipment for exterior uses makes this possible, ensuring your building always gives off the best impression.

Gutter Vacuums

Blocked gutters can lead to flooding, exterior damage and damp inside buildings. To keep gutters free from debris, our vacuums remove anything sitting the the pipes to ensure that water can be properly removed from buildings during wet weather conditions.

Pressure Washers

Industrial pressure washing tools are perfect for clearing unwanted debris and returning walls plus flooring to their intended condition. From removing plants to weather-caused staining, our tools get the job done quickly.

Window Cleaning

Keep your windows mess-free thanks to our cleaning equipment which makes for easy regular cleaning. From long-lasting cleaning gel to hose adaptors, we offer a wide collection of tools that make cleaning windows simple.

Cleaning Products

Our collection of industrial cleaning products not only completes the task at hand but also ensures long-lasting results. The collection features products recommended for use in schools and other settings, providing cleaning staff with complete peace of mind that they are using the best products available.

Why Is Industrial Cleaning Equipment Better For Looking After Educational Settings?

Choosing the right cleaning equipment for education environments is important for a number of reasons. These tools are intended to offer excellent results, maintain strong working performance for long periods of time and be safe to use. Each item has been selected thanks to the benefits it will offer a school or other environment. 

Industrial cleaning solutions are also the best option for treating hard-to-reach areas or issues that can be tough to fix with domestic supplies. From removing tough stains on carpets to damaged walls, they make all jobs easier. These professional cleaning tools and products are also designed to clean entire rooms in a matter of minutes, which is perfect for keeping schools clean even during busy times.

Ultimately, you can be in complete control of the health and hygiene of a setting that often has vulnerable people using the facilities. If you want to improve the results of cleaning and the efficiency with which it can be completed, industrial cleaning solutions are the best proven solutions to invest in.

Why ChooseCleaning Solutions UK?

At Cleaning Solutions UK, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive and reliable collection of industrial solutions ideal for improving the conditions of educational spaces. Here are some reasons why we think you should choose us as your supplier:


  • We offer a wide set of products available to buy or hire. For leasing, we offer prices from as low as £6.70 per week. Plus, this works out to be an even better value for money as it’s a tax-allowable expense. This means that as well as getting to use top quality equipment without a costly outlay, it can also reduce overall corporate bills.


  • All of our equipment features the best-known technology and is regularly updated as we are always seeking the most-effective tools to share with our customers. 


  • Our website clearly showcases the uses of our products, so you don’t have to be a cleaning whizz to shop for the right solutions. 


  • All equipment is delivered via our professional courier service.


  • Our team has more than 35 years of experience, proving that we understand the best equipment to invest in for schools and other educational settings. 


  • All products are sold or leased with warranties plus support from our professional team.


  • We also offer flexible payments to suit your budget and cash flow set-up.


If you are looking for industrial equipment ideal for maintaining schools and other environments, contact our team now for a quote.