When it comes to having a messy cleaning cupboard, the thought of doing that much-needed house clean becomes even more of a chore. That’s right, a messy cleaning cupboard can put you off wanting to lean altogether. So, why not take some time to organise your cleaning supplies; the result is a more effective and enjoyable cleaning process.

By taking the time to declutter and organise your cleaning storage space, you can embark on the journey towards a happier cleaning routine. The days of lacking motivation and procrastination will be behind you once you invest the time into organising your space.

We understand the idea of organising things can seem daunting, so we have rounded up a series of organisational top tips to help you cut out the cleaning chaos.

Make Use of Cleaning Caddies

Cleaning caddies are a great way to organise your cleaning products into useful sections in an easy-to-carry device that can be used on the go. Using a caddy wisely could save you a lot of time in the future.

An effective way to use a cleaning caddy includes using it as a storage space for your ‘most used’ cleaning products- for example, the products you use for everyday, general cleaning purposes. This way, you can easily grab them and go. As well as this, you can quickly top your caddy up when you need.

Once you have finished using your caddy, it can then easily slot back under the sink or in your cleaning cupboard.

Maximise Your Existing Storage

Whether your designated cleaning storage space is under the sink, under the stairs, or in a cupboard in the utility room, it’s important to know how to maximise your space to get the most out of it. That way, cleaning your house becomes easier when you have all of your tools and products in one space. Not only that, but your cleaning supplies automatically become more easily accessible too.

In some cases, shelves in cupboards are in fact adjustable. This means that you can remove shelves or move them up or down to accommodate larger items like vacuum cleaners and brooms. By doing so, you can store the larger items in question along with your smaller cleaning products and tools.

If you store your cleaning supplies in a drawer instead of on shelves, you could consider getting drawer dividers to effectively organise your cleaning supplies into spaces designated to specific items and their specific uses.

Maximising your existing storage space is a great alternative to finding a new space, especially if you have limited space to begin with.

Store Similar Products Together

When it comes to organising specific products, it’s a good idea to arrange products in groups based on their specific use. For example, in the following categories:

  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Air freshening products
  • Laundry products
  • Floor cleaning products

Plus, any other categories you may require.

By taking the time to do this, you are making each product easier to find, in turn, your cleaning routine becomes quicker and easier.

Store Similar Products Together

Safety First: Ensuring Your Products Are Stored Safely

Correct and safe storage of cleaning products is absolutely essential in order to keep everybody in your house safe and free from injury. Moreover, correct storage ensures your cleaning products last as long as they should and maintain their optimum quality.

Keep Away From Children and Pets

Cleaning products contain chemicals that can be harmful to humans and animals if they are consumed. In order to prevent any unwanted consumption or injury from cleaning products, they should be kept in a locked cupboard ideally. For extra security, you can consider purchasing child-safe locks.

Do Not Store Near Food

Storing cleaning products near food in your house could cause potential leaks and cross-contamination. To avoid this altogether, you should think about storing cleaning products and chemicals away from food preparation areas. For example, in a utility room or under the kitchen sink.

Store Products in Their Original Containers

Whilst decanting your products into more aesthetically pleasing containers is satisfying, it may not be beneficial for safe storage purposes. By discarding of the original containers, you are discarding vital safety information about your cleaning products. In addition, removing them from their original packaging may affect their overall quality.

Ensure Your Storage Area is Well-ventilated

To avoid any unnecessary inhalation of chemical fumes, it is important to ensure your cleaning products are stored in a well-ventilated area. The majority of products will have advice on where to store them on their packaging. This advice should be followed at all times to ensure maximum safety for you and your household.

Discard Any Expired Products

If you are a self-proclaimed cleaning product hoarder, then you may have a cupboard or caddy full of unopened or half-used cleaning products that you think may be good for a rainy day. However, a few of these items may likely be past their expiry date. Just like food and any other perishable items, cleaning products all have their own expiry date.

Once a cleaning product reaches its expiry date, it will no longer be of the same quality and, therefore, isn’t necessarily good for use. The same applies to products that have been opened and left for a long period of time.

Whilst it can be frustrating to throw away brand-new bottles or those that are almost full, your newly organised cleaning cabinet will thank you later!

Consider a Designated Space for Your Cleaning Storage

If you haven’t got one already, it would be ideal to have a designated space for your cleaning products. Some spaces you could consider to store your cleaning products are:

  • Under the kitchen sink
  • Store cupboard in a utility room
  • Under the stairs storage space

When selecting your space for your cleaning storage, you should consider the following factors:

  • Whether the space is away from food and preparation areas
  • The space is in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight
  • The area is inaccessible to children and pets or can be safely locked to avoid any injury
  • The storage area is ventilated properly to avoid any unnecessary inhalation of chemical fumes from your cleaning products

Labelling Your Cleaning Products

If you like things to be organised by category or purpose, then it may be a good idea to think about labelling items. In order to maximise your space, you could purchase a selection of storage boxes which can then be appropriately labelled. For example, by purpose.

Each storage tray could represent a room or use like, kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Whichever categories you choose, a clear labelling system allows you to easily access and find the correct products when it comes to cleaning your house in a more efficient way.

Make Use of Doors

If your storage space of choice is a cupboard with a door, why not make use of the door space too, and create a vertical space for extra storage.

Depending on the size of your cupboard door, you could use the door space to hang some of your cleaning tools up. For example, with a larger door space, you could hang up brooms or any other handled items. For a smaller door space, you could consider using the space to hang up your cloths and dusters.

To maximise this free space and turn it into an area to hang up cleaning tools, you can consider purchasing hooks or specific hanging devices to safely store even more of your cleaning supplies in one place- making it even easier to access your stash on the day of your spring clean.

Get a Lazy Susan

The aptly titled storage device that allows easy access to whatever you are storing. The Lazy Susan offers an efficient way to store your bottles. No matter what you need to access, the Lazy Susan allows you to access it in an instant instead of reaching and rooting through a series of bottles. Your desired bottle in a quick spin.

Think Carefully About What You Really Need

Do you really need a selection of mops, two vacuums and cleaning products in every single scent? Perhaps its time to reevaluate your stash and throw away that mop with the broken handle or the expired disinfectant in pretty packaging. Whilst aesthetics are beneficial, so its practicality.

Maybe you have a relative or neighbour who could make use of your surplus cleaning supplies? Maybe there’s a nearby organisation who’d be grateful of your donation?

No matter what you decide to do with your excess tools and products, making space in your cleaning storage cupboard will give you satisfaction when it comes to organising your essentials and making your cleaning routine easier. Who knows, next time you go to de-clutter, you may find something you never even knew you lost!

Think Carefully About What You Really Need

The Don’ts of Storing Your Cleaning Supplies

Whilst there is no liner way of storing your cleaning supplies, there are some things that you shouldn’t do which may affect the safe storage of your supplies:

  • Don’t overstock your cupboard and store more than you need- this can make your space look untidy and cluttered and can increase the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Don’t keep products that are broken or damaged- it may seem like a waste to throw them away but it’s better to be safe than sorry to avoid a leak.
  • Don’t store your products in a space that gets hot- this can cause fumes or in some cases chemical fires.

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